My journey started on the east coast with a bachelors in electrical engineering. I took a pit stop in Michigan to work as a product engineer for a few years before heading west for a masters in Human Centered Design and Engineering. Three years later, I feel like I’ve found my place in Seattle. Between the vibrant UX community, booming tech industry and beautiful Pacific Northwest, there is much to learn from and be inspired by.

I've always been curious about how to create better experiences for interacting with technology. That's why I decided to make the transition from engineering to user experience design. My engineering background has provided me with problem solving skills and technical experience that has proven valuable in the UX field.

I love working with researchers, designers, developers, and product managers to influence better design. This is something I do every day as an interaction designer at Expedia.

Feel free to take a look at my resume and projects. If you would like to hear more about my experience please do not hesitate to say hello!