Be Involved Volunteering

Giving back to your community can be rewarding and fulfilling, yet there are roadblocks that prevent people from being involved. A big detractor from being able to volunteer is time. Our team set out to create a website to show that volunteering can fit anyone’s schedule and interests.

My contribution included:

  • Interviewing volunteers and non-volunteers
  • Competitve analysis of volunteer sites
  • Sketching many paper prototypes
  • Building site wireframe
  • Designing visual elements in Photoshop


To understand why people volunteer or not we did the following:

  • Interviewed volunteers and non-volunteers
  • Competitive analysis of similar sites
  • Observed and participated in a volunteer activity


From the research we were able to:

  • Create a persona to reference (“volunteer-wanna-be”)
  • Lay out a storyboard


The design of the site was an iterative and collaborative process with:

  • Sketching paper prototypes
  • Creating a wireframe
  • Designing comps and visual elements


With a timeline of 4 weeks, we were able to create an interactive high fidelity prototype to encourage volunteering a few hours at a time and sharing these experiences with a user’s personal network. We designed Be Involved to be visually and emotionally engaging.

Visit Be Involved to view the prototype.


My team for this project was one of the most hard working groups I’ve been a part of. I was able to develop many design skills from my peers. We were unable to do any user testing of the site, but if we had more time it would have been beneficial to evaluate if interactions in the site were clear to the user.

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