Boundless Arts Website Redesign

The original Boundless Arts Performance Collective (BAPC) website was sparse, and BAPC board members were unable to add content. Our goal was to create a Wordpress site that had content to engage site visitors and was easy to maintain.

My contribution included:

  • Conducting benchmark usability testing
  • Writing personas
  • Sketching paper prototypes
  • Building and testing website wireframe
  • Managing website content from BAPC


We focused on understanding the needs of the BAPC members and their users with:

  • Benchmark usability testing
  • Competitive analysis
  • Online survey on BAPC’s Facebook page
  • Interviews with stakeholder and volunteers
  • Card sorting with grant reviewers


From the research we were able to:

  • Generate personas for the website (grant reviewer, volunteer, performance attendee)
  • Create a task matrix based on the needs of our personas
  • Conduct multiple card sorts for the information architecture of the site
  • Collect content from the BAPC members


The design of the site was an iterative and collaborative process with:

  • Creating the information archtecture
  • Sketching many paper prototypes
  • Creating a wireframe
  • Usability testing


We were tasked with completing a functional website in 3 weeks. Using a Wordpress template, our team split in half and worked in parallel to create the layout and design of the site and to edit and add content.


To have a website built and go live in 9 weeks was challenging and rewarding. One of the challenges of the project was getting and sorting through BAPC’s content. If we had worked with our stakeholder earlier on and more often, the content would have been easier to design for. I’ve learned that reviewing and adjusting the project schedule regularly helps keep the workload manageable and on track.

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