eSki Enhanced Ski Goggles

My undergraduate capstone project, eSki, was created to provide skiers and snowboarders with an informed skiing experience. Skiers could view their speed, local time, trail they were on, and friends’ locations.

My contribution included:

  • Writing a function in C to translate raw GPS data to know where a skier was on a trail
  • Hacking a MyVu Personal Media Viewer to display data in ski goggles
  • Writing trail mapping in KML with Google Earth


Our team spent over a year developing software and hardware for the eSki platform:

  • Writing and testing algorithms to display location, speed, time, and friends' locations when skiing
  • Using a MyVu Personal Media Viewer to build display into ski goggles
  • Integrating walkie talkie communication
  • Designing a trail mapping script using GPS data and Google Earth to create a memorable skiing experience from start to finish


Capstone allowed me to utilize all of my skills I gained during my electrical engineering undergrad program. Our team presented to a panel of engineering professionals and earned 2nd place out of 17 teams in the 2010 capstone competition. While I’m proud of the accomplishments of this project, I’m able to understand the limitations of technology-centered design when creating a product.

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