Expedia UX Design

As an interaction designer working for the ecommerce site Expedia, I've delivered multiple projects that impact the user experience from first impressions on Expedia to purchasing travel at checkout. The 3 projects below display my skills used to accomplish large design projects and my ability to work directly with users, developers, designers, and project managers. These projects also highlight my ability to identify and solve for problems that users face on expedia.com.

Interaction Design Work

Expedia developed a loyalty program where customers can earn points for travel purchases. Customers would then have the opportunity to use their earned points to pay for travel. The goal for this project was to enable the checkout path to support customers paying with points.

View my design process for Pay with Points at Checkout.

There are many initiatives at Expedia to drive membership and engagement. Because of this, I took the time to understand our current sign in experience. While I identified many areas of opportunity, I found the forgot password flow to be a large point of friction for customers. The goal of this project was to persuade product managers and developers of the need to improve the forgot password flow.

View my proposal for Sign in Experience: Forgot Password Flow.

Expedia has a packages landing page that ranks high in Google search results, yet converts low. My hypothesis is the page was designed to focus more on trip research to a destination, yet traffic coming form search results were focused on purchasing. The goal of this project was to identify trends on high ranking competitor sites and build a test and learn strategy for a page redesign, without impacting traffic.

View my proposal for Packages Landing Page Test and Learn Strategy.

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