Visual Communication Design

I explored how visual elements enhance how and what design communicates to the viewer. In this class my work was exposed to design critiques in a studio environment. While this wasn’t required, I wanted to create a unified exploration focusing my design on geocaching. The class started with the basic elements of design and progressed through the quarter.


The class progressed through the following visual communication components, where each exercise built off the previous:

  • Type
  • Layout
  • Expressive layout
  • Photography
  • Color
  • Pictogram
  • Website
  • Print media
  • Final portfolio

Final Portfolio

My final portfolio is a representation of the exercises above, along with my intention for the design and iteration process.


This was the most challenging class for me during my master’s program. In my first attempts on the exercises, I was having difficulty grasping the concepts and using them effectively. I had many critiques with my instructor and peers and spent time to gather examples of designs that used the visual communication components well. I revisited many of my assignments and recreated them in order to remove gaps in my understanding and continue to improve my knowledge of the concepts.

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