Luum: Commuting with Benefits

Growing businesses require costly parking for employees. Employees who drive alone require more parking and their commute has a negative impact on the environment. Our solution was a mobile app that supports Luum’s mission to motivate employees to choose sustainable transportation through employer incentives and challenges that promote friendly competition. The app displays commuting habits, allowing employees to make informed travel decisions.

My major contributions included:

  • Interaction design for the app
  • Communicating with client
  • Wireframe designs
  • Building and usability testing wireframe and prototype


We focused on the goals Luum wanted to address for their business along with the needs of the consumer through:

  • Surveying commuters
  • Competitive analysis
  • Generating personas


We iterated over the design by:

  • Sketching ideation sessions
  • Creating paper prototypes
  • Usability testing


The design of the app was a large collaborative process for our team:

  • Building wireframes
  • Usability tested wireframes
  • Developed a working mobile prototype
  • Designing the product pitch


We created and handed off a functional spec along with a working mobile prototype to Luum to use for their product development.

View the Luum mobile prototype.


Our team worked incredibly well together and effectively on this project with Luum. We had a diverse set of skills and were able to divide the work among team members. Some challenges we faced were learning to assign leads during parts of the project and knowing when to limit scope on the design. We also had to balance the wishes of our client and make sure we met our users needs. We presented our work during the capstone open house and placed 2nd in the competition.

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