Tango Card Usability Test

Tango Card provides multipurpose gift cards. Our goal was to identify usability issues on tangocard.com and provide recommendations to Tango Card to improve site usability.

My contribution included:

  • Writing up elements of the usability test kit and test plan
  • Moderating 2 usability tests
  • Observing usability tests
  • Evaluating hours of video
  • Gathering and presenting findings to the Tango Card team


Having a successful usability test comes with good preparation. Our planning included:

  • Meeting with the stakeholder to identify goals of the usability test, areas of the website to focus on and user demographics
  • Heuristic evaluation of tangocard.com
  • Preliminary proposal to define the goals and key tasks
  • Test plan to lay out the participant characteristics, method, and tasks


To run the usability test we had to:

  • Write up the test kit
  • Recruit representative users
  • Moderate and observe pilot tests
  • Prepare the test environment
  • Take a deep breath, moderate and observe


After hours of running usability tests we analyzed the data:

  • Completed 8 usability tests
  • Recorded hours of Morae video and stacks of notes
  • Analyzed and condensed data into findings and recommendations for Tango Card


After the project was completed, a teammate and I presented the usability findings to the Tango Card creative and business teams. Our major findings included clarifying redeeming and purchasing navigation, removing unnecessary elements, improving the calendar widget, and differentiating between clickable and non-clickable items. Tango card has taken our recommendations and since updated their website.


Usability testing made me realize you can never assume how a user will behave. I noticed it was best to be patient and reflect, because I never knew what to expect. I also realized it is important to be thoughtful when delivering findings and recommendations to a client. It’s easy to list problems with a website when it’s not your own, but it’s important to be mindful that it was someone's work.

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