UX Design at Virtuoso

Virtuoso.com was re-launched in December 2013 as a consumer facing website to allow users to find and connect with luxury travel advisors. The website is also designed to be business facing and allow travel advisors to build trips for their customers. As one of three designers on the team, I worked on both research and design projects.

My contribution included:

  • Preparing and analyzing usability studies
  • Working directly with content strategists
  • Interaction design for new IA
  • Building wireframes


I worked on various aspects of conducting research:

  • Competitive analysis of luxury travel sites and online booking engines
  • User interviews to understand wants and needs when planning travel and the perception of travel advisors
  • Affinity diagramming data collected from user interviews

Usability Testing

Involvement with conducting multiple usability tests with our users (consumers and travel advisors):

  • Observe how users locate and interact with product information on Virtuoso.com
  • Prepared and analyzed usability test to focus on how consumers navigate and sign up on Virtuoso.com
  • Prepared and analyzed usability test to see how travel advisors edit their profile and find products to present to their clients
  • Presented recommendations to design, development, and project management teams

Concept and Design

Based on user interviews and trends with online travel searching and planning I worked on designing new interactions for how users can browse and find places to travel:

  • Creating user flows for interactions
  • Sketching ideas and page layouts
  • Building and user testing wireframes
  • Iterating on the design based on user testing results and business requirements

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